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First Lesson is FREE

Sung Chuan Bedfordshire Branch:  sungchuanbeds@yahoo.co.uk


Sung Chuan Imperial College London:  jeff@sungchuan-hq.co.uk

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We are a Kung Fu school based in Biggleswade Bedfordshire. Sung Chuan is a broad based martial arts system incorporating  Shaolin Kung Fu and Chinese kick boxing.  The training also emphasises the internal aspects of the art and includes Chi Kung breathing exercises and Tai Chi.


The training occurs in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere but respect and traditional etiquette is also maintained.


Classes are open to adults and children from 10 years and upwards and cater for beginners through to students with previous experience of martial arts.


So come along and enjoy yourself! At the same time improve your health and fitness through the art of Kung Fu.

Sung Chuan Kun Shaolin Kung Fu Bedfordshire

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Stratton Upper School - Leisure Centre

Eagle Farm Road



SG18 8JB


Sung Chuan Bedfordshire Branch:  sungchuanbeds@yahoo.co.uk


Sung Chuan Imperial College London:  jeff@sungchuan-hq.co.uk

Shane Quinn is a 3rd degree black belt instructor with the Sung Chuan Kung Fu system.  He has trained with Sifu Jeffrey Guishard for 12 years at the main club based at Imperial College in London.  He has been teaching kung fu since 2003 and is the chief instructor at the Bedfordshire branch of Sung Chuan Kung Fu.

We practice Shaolin Kung Fu, Sung Chuan (relaxed fist).  It is a broad style incorporating the fundamental elements of Chinese martial arts.  Students of Sung Chuan learn numerous techniques that provide them with the skills to defend themselves using strikes, locks, takedowns and common sense.


Traditional forms (sequences of movements) including animal forms like tiger.

Adults £8.00 per class and children £7.00 per class


After 4 lessons students will be required to pay an annual membership fee if they wish to continue training:


Adults £37.00 and children £30.00


The first lesson is free.

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Biggleswade Recreation Centre

Stratton Upper School

Eagle Farm Road



SG18 8JB


Small Gym

Tuesdays 7.00-9.00pm


First Lesson is FREE

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Sung Chuan Kung Fu are hosting a Tai Chi workshop with Glenn Blythe on Saturday 20th May, 11-5pm, the cost will be £80 for the day. The content will include the Yang Short Form, Master Huang's amazing Loosening Exercises and Push Hands.


Glenn has more than 30 years of experience in the internal martial arts, so it is a great opportunity which should not be missed.


For more details contact Jeff Guishard on 07941072325 and follow the link below:


                                        First class of 2018 will be on Tuesday the 2nd of January 7.00-9.00pm

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